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Mass Effect 3: BEWARE, SPOILERS!

So, a whole lot of people have been complaining about the ending of Mass Effect 3. I’m not sure whether or not I agree with them.  I personally was not disappointed in it, so long as it’s going to eventually be elaborated upon.  Now, if Bioware is going to make us pay for the DLC expanding upon the story line, THEN I’m going to be pissed.  If Bioware was intentionally building up suspense, causing its player base to think about the ending for a while before the big reveal, I could understand that.


The indoctrination theory would represent one possible reason for them doing so.  If such a theory is correct, then I could completely see why they would leave the ending with questions.

For an explanation of this theory:

Ultimately, while this theory would be really interesting, many argue that it is only useful if Bioware is planning on making not just more DLC, but more games from here. As it stands, the ending is the same no matter what you did throughout the other games.  This is very anti-Bioware.  From what I understand, in another one of their games, Knights of the Old Republic, there are completely different endings depending upon your choices throughout the story.  There is no such ending here.  On the other hand, while this may anger some fans, it could be Bioware sending a message about the how insignificant and futile every choice was compared to this moment. Just some thoughts.

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